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The ATS Group was incorporated in Hong Kong and Singapore in 1974 by its Managing Director and controlling shareholder, Mr. Patrick J. Garez. The ATS Group has been actively involved in the Aeronautical industry through its subsidiary Aviation Technical Services Ltd and gradually expanded its network of regional offices, including China through its branch office established in 1986 under the name of Huafa Ltd. The business model was based on supplying parts various OEM [Original Equipment Manufacturers] products, maintenance and engineering services, as well as other high tech, commercial and financial solutions predominantly for commercial aviation.

The majority of the Aviation activities of ATS were acquired late in 2008 by the Melchers Group of companies headquartered in Bremen, Germany and established through-out Asia for over 160 years.

ATS remains involved in the Aeronautical industry through independent and non-conflicting consultancy assignments. Concurrently, as of 10 years ago, ATS has developed experience and capabilities in the field of IT and is privileged to collaborate with several leaders in their field.

Over the space of nearly 40 years, ATS has established a strong reputation in Singapore and the surrounding Asia Pacific region as a company which represents quality and integrity.

Marketing of Repair and Overhaul Services
• Engines
• Landing Gears and Hydraulics
• Brake Systems
• Rotables (Hydraulic, Electrical and Mechanical Components)
• Avionics
• Repair Equipment and Processes for Advanced Structural Composite Parts
• Including applicable Spares

• Tyres
• Seats and Seat Belts
• Galley Inserts
• Cargo Containers and Restraint Systems
• Cargo Loading Systems
• Carpets and Seat Covers

Infrastructure Facilities – including Design and Manufacturing “Turn Key”
• Chemical Cleaning and Plating Facilities (Engine Overhauls)
• Design of Airport Terminals
• Automated Handling Systems for Airfreight Terminals
• Electrical Power Generators and Converters (Mobile and Fixed)
• Selective Plating •Design of Facilities to Repair Advanced Structural Composite Parts including Training
• Handling Systems for Airline Catering
• Hangars and Aircraft Docking Systems

Ground Support Equipment
• Catering Vehicles
• Refuelers and Dispensers
• Electrical Ground Power Units
• Engine Airstarters
• Air Conditioning Units
• Tow Tractors
• Tow Bars and Jacks
• Maintenance Tools produced under License from Major Aircraft and Engine Manufacturers

Aircraft Brokerage
This was not our “core” business, but a few significant sales and leasing transactions have been successfully completed.

Investments in Management of Joint Ventures
• AIRWORK ASIA PACIFIC (Engine Overhauls)
• SIETAM ASIA (Chemical Cleaning & Plating)
• T3S (Chemical Cleaning and Plating)
• SIETAM FAR EAST(Baggage Handling Systems)
• LAB ASIA PACIFIC (Aircraft Maintenance)

Information Technology
Software programs for the management of:
• Operations and Maintenance
• Safety procedures etc.

• Reconfiguration of Aircraft and Re-certification
• Aircraft audits etc.